The future of work that we had envisioned for many years is suddenly upon us. As the reshaping continues, it continually places a demand on our employees’ skillsets. Employees need to continuously adapt their skills to meet the new work demands in order for them to remain relevant. Organizations also need to ensure that their employees have the necessary skills for the future if they want to be able to innovate.

The skills of the future are for everyone regardless of the job level. The Reskilling and Upskilling of the workforce is all about ensuring that your staff remains employable and enabling your workforce to execute the jobs of the future. Because of the ever changing world we are in, skills are now proving to have a shorter shelf life. 

We are already seeing major advancements in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and the adoption of automation for repetitive tasks hence its imperative for humans to think of different ways through which they can add value. Its a fact that there are things that machines cannot do that are only exclusive to humans. Human skills such as Emotional Intelligence, creativity, critical thinking, empathy are skills that people need to strive to get better at.

The workplace is changing, roles are becoming less structured and the idea of cross-functional teams is gaining so much momentum. Hence, for employees to remain relevant it is imperative for them to become more flexible, adaptable and resilient. Flexibility, adaptability, agility and resilience are capabilities that are essential for employees to keep pace with the ever-changing job roles and supporting technology.

As you put together your learning strategies do not be clouded by the idea of reskilling and upskilling staff only in digital capabilities also look into developing the enduring human capabilities as mentioned above as they are also critical for your organization’s survival.

We can perform a Future Skills Audit which will help you easily identify the gaps between your organization’s current available skills and the future skills your organization needs based on its 3 or 5 year strategic plan and industry trends?

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