We believe that world change starts with values-driven communities.

We envision communities where discipleship happens not only in churches but also in families, schools and organizations resulting in thriving nations.

We envision communities where all people uphold biblical values and those become their shared values.

We envision these communities being free from brokenness, hopelessness, conflicts, mental illness and corruption because of the right way of living and the right standing of its leaders and people.

We work with social impact organisations such as churches, non-profits and transformation agents, equipping them and providing tools that transform societies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish Kingdom culture and prepare Africa for tomorrow.

Preparing – To enlighten and equip people through Kingdom principles and values.
Africa – Committed to reaching out to people, families, churches and communities in Africa.
For Tomorrow – This refers to the future, which can be the next step, the next season, 10 years from now and ultimately eternity.

Discipling people, families, churches, organizations and communities.

Our Promise

Your success is our success.
We see ourselves as helpers who partner with you and contribute towards living out your purpose and achieving your vision.
We don’t come to you as service providers but as serving partners.

Our Team & Contributors

Our team of leaders is committed to serving people. Each one has a wealth of experience that they bring to the organization and uphold New Gates’ values of humility, excelling in excellence, learning and preparation.

Want to join us?

We cannot do this alone, we are always in need of advocates, representatives and facilitators. If you want to help your community live out positive values contact us today.