In our last article VUKA-Your organization’s response to VUCA we highlighted the importance of utilizing your organizations’ potential. We left you with these 4 questions to ponder on:

◊ Does your organization bring real value to its key stakeholders?
◊ Do you have unconventional ways of delivering that value?
◊ Do your teams have the adequate knowledge and skills that will set you apart in these disruptive times? And lastly,
◊ How agile are your teams when responding to internal and external changes?

In this article, we are breaking down the acronym VUKA, with the intention of provoking you to revisit the questions above and to rate your organization on how it is ferrying on each of the four elements.

1. V – Valuable Organization

A valuable organization is one that provides value to all its key stakeholders – customers, employees and shareholders. Its value is seen in the solutions that it brings to its market and how it solves the problems that its market is facing.

Seeing that your business is operating in a country that is partially locked down, which is resulting in people being bound in their homes due to restricted internal and external travel and safety is a primary concern, organizations should be thinking of how they can provide their product or service in a more convenient way.

2.  U- Unconventional Ways

The times we are in now need businesses to get UNSTUCK from the old ways of doing things. An unconventional organization is one that is ready to try out the new ways of doing business. Being unconventional may mean that it is the business going to the client and not the client coming to the storefront as before. Rethink your customer service, rethink your marketing, rethink your service delivery, rethink your talent management strategy, rethink your products/services and rethink your brand positioning. Unconventional businesses constantly seek improvement and effectiveness on how they work and on the impact that they make.

3. K- Knowledgeable Employees

Knowledgeable organizations are made up of knowledgeable employees. Knowledgeable organizations focus on getting to know their customers and understanding their needs so that they can respond to those needs with the best solutions. Knowledgeable organizations are also intentional in knowing their employees. Their biggest strategy is in the utilization of their staff. They tap into the knowledge and gifts of their employees hence they promote learning cultures by facilitating mentoring and coaching programs for knowledge & experience sharing. Such organizations thrive on the information that they collect, store and share on industry & market trends, their customers and employees. These organizations are data driven hence their leaders make decisions from informed standpoints.

4. A- Agile Teams

Organizations that will make it in the 20s are those that make sure that their teams are agile in their execution. These organizations embrace changes in their market or industry and are quick to respond to it. They develop valuable products rapidly, make decisions quickly, they pivot constantly but always – they maintain customer focus.

Mastering how to provide Value in Unconventional ways through Knowledgeable employees paves way for Agility in a company’s execution.

Organizations that are forward thinking will thrive in this season. It’s time to look ahead to see what is coming. Now, there’s no way you can be knowledgeable of what’s coming if you are lying down, there’s absolutely no way you can be unconventional nor valuable if you are sleeping. Our message to your organization today is VUKA. Awaken the sleeping giant and thrive!

It is now time to start doing things differently. Do not put a good crisis to waste!

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