In our previous articles, we have been talking about the need for organizations to VUKA or to awaken and respond to the uncertain world that they find themselves operating in. We also illustrated the importance of getting more out of your human capital by leveraging their knowledge, skills and gifts. However, this may not be possible if as leaders you do not know what your staff are going through, how they are copying with circumstances or even the state of their mental health. Therefore, managers need to be intentional in cultivating deep meaningful connections with their teams and they need to lead with empathy.

Currently, most of the organizations are relating with their employees from the point of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, so they are focused on interventions like Work From Home, heavy sanitization and social distancing protocols. This is good and very necessary but may not be enough to counter the ‘new pandemic’ of social ills that seem to be brewing in our communities.

In a space of two weeks, our local newspapers (In Eswatini) have reported on various different cases of social ills constituting of gruesome murders, Gender Based Violence, incest between siblings and infidelity between married couples. What is happening and why is it even important? It is important to you as an organization because it is a reflection of what our society has become and it is also worth noting that your employees are also part of this society.

As a business leader, or a manager, the state of your community is of concern to you because the community is made up of your current customers, potential customers and your employees. Your employees are prone to get affected by these societal ills and if left unchecked their performance will be affected to. They can be affected in the sense that they are the ones facing the abuse, or they may be enabling the abuse or worse still they could be the perpetrators of this abuse. It is clear that people are going through a lot and are depressed; unfortunately, some are turning to violence, abuse and even suicide as they fail to cope. When people no longer value life or value one another it becomes so easy to abuse one another or even to take a life because of frustration.

As a business leader, you can contribute toward changing the community that your business operates in; it actually makes business sense (and cents).

This is how you can change the community that your business is operating in:

1. Create a culture of trust and psychological safety in teams.
2. Create a safe space for employees to share how they are managing their lives holistically, this is both professionally and also personally.
3. Cultivate and promote the upholding of moral values amongst your staff.

The best way that you can contribute to your community is by ensuring the inward transformation of your staff. Supporting employees through both “personal and societal” struggles is key in keeping employees engaged and focused on the job. Besides ensuring employee engagement this also improves the well-being of your staff.

Africa for Tomorrow in partnership with John C. Maxwell’s Equip Leadership is privileged to gift you with a transformational program to foster connection, promote self-awareness & wellbeing, encourage personal growth and most importantly instill moral values amongst your employees. Please note that this program is already sponsored. If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your staff and if you would want to build meaningful connections around your workplace, get in touch with us today.

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