What habit patterns are you forming during the lock-down?

The lock-down period is an opportunity to develop helpful habit patterns which will lead you to full formation of positive habits. If you don’t live your days purposefully under lock down you are most likely going to come out with harmful habit patterns that will birth negative habits in your life. When this is over what kind of a person do you want to be?

Purposeful living is intentional living. Dr. John C. Maxwell explains that intentional living is characterised by 3 words:

  • Deliberate – on purpose keeping in mind that what you want never occurs by accident.
  • Consistent – doing it over & over again, everyday even when you are not in the mood.
  • Willful – it’s a choice you must make regardless of challenges you face. You must push yourself to act.

So, are you scheduling your day? Are you scheduling your activities? What can you do for 45 minutes every day for the next 21 days?

a) Will you write your thoughts down for a particular subject? It might result into a book after 21 days.

b) Will you practice a skill (designing/ speaking/using a certain application etc.)? This can upgrade your level of excellence in your work.

c) Will you work out every morning and pray every morning? You can come out more energetic, refreshed and spiritually vitalised!

Make intentional living your lifestyle!!!