The programs below will help your organization move from a survival mode to a thriving mode for 2022 and beyond.

In today’s demanding world of work, resilience is emerging as a critical and in-demand employee attribute. Organizations require high performing teams with individuals who can deal with pressure, change and uncertainty, and managers who can foster a culture of wellbeing and engagement. 

An organization needs to have a workforce with digital maturity to make complete use of new tools and platforms. Digitally up-skilling employees is crucial in 2021, in order to bring an overall positive impact across your organization, more especially in the new normal where there is an increase in reliance on digital platforms.

Besides the global pandemic, organizations are also facing an epidemic of mental health. Employees are experiencing mental strain which is challenging their wellbeing, and in turn their productivity. Some employees have been infected/ are caring for vulnerable relatives/ are grieving lost loved ones. This course provides employees with ways of dealing with anxiety, grief and pressure.

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