Everyone can make a difference in their world, yes even you! We believe that transformation begins with you.

Beyond Success is a program that gives you an opportunity to bring transformation through leadership development and sharing your faith within your circle of influence.  We train you to conduct Beyond Success tables with friends, other leaders or peers in your workplace, community, family or church.

We have seen the effectiveness of this strategy throughout the world. People’s lives are improving as they apply the personal growth and leadership development principles and many thousands have come to Christ.

Today, we invite you to join the movement!

New Gates in partnership with John C. Maxwell’s Equip Leadership is privileged to gift you with a transformational program to foster connection, encourage personal growth, promote self-awareness & well-being and most importantly instil moral values in people.  Beyond Success was created by the world’s most influential leadership expert, Dr. John Maxwell, who
  • Is named America’s #1 Business Leader.
  • Is the most influential leadership expert in the world.
  • Whose organizations have trained more than 6 million leaders in 196 countries.
  • Has sold more than 25 million books in 50 languages. 

Topics to cover

Once you gather your small group you will cover the following sessions as you all go through a process of transformation:

  1. Attitude
  2. Personal Growth
  3. Priorities
  4. Relationships
  5. My Most Important Relationship
  6. From Good Intentions to Good Actions
  7. From Success to Significance

The Methodology

The methodology promotes a two-way communication where people become more transparent, experience self-revelation and people grow closer as they grow together.

The training can be done in person or virtually through video conferencing platforms such as ZOOM or Teams.

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