Consultancy is Africa for Tomorrow’s core service and it is incorporated in everything that we do. The last decade, just like its predecessor, witnessed an increase of disruption from innovative organizations that redefined the whole business landscape. Organisations cannot afford to be docile in this decade. Africa for Tomorrow is positioned to help you build the required resilience that will make you thrive in this VUCA world. 

Africa for Tomorrow’s 4 main consultancy areas are Strategy Implementation, Operational Excellence, Learning & Development and Transformational Values.

Through our consultancy work we seek to solve what training solutions cannot solve and reach depths that a facilitator can-not reach.

Our Promise

As we work with your organisation consultatively, we aim and promise excellence in transforming your organisation in the following;


Identifying and closing capability gaps, addressing under performance and unlocking your organisation’s potential.


 Addressing the misalignment between your vision and your employees and break silos that exist within your teams and departments.


Increase your brand worth and drive up your profits as a business, at the same time assuring the realization of your organizational mission.


Set your organisation on a path to improve lives, impacting generations & with your solutions help communities around you thrive.