“Equipping the saints for the work of ministry.”

We believe that churches that thrive are churches that are equipped for ministry through leadership development (stewardship & discipleship skills) and have access to discipleship resources.

We work with small to large churches, offering advisory services on how better they can live out the Great Commission and attain the vision that God has mandated them for their villages, cities and nation.

We also empower churches through training workshops on Church Administration, Church Finance Administration and Discipleship in Communities.

We help leaders grow healthy churches.

“Discipleship is a priority, not a by the way thing.”

Discipleship is one of the core functions of the church. In as much as that is true, it is unfortunate that many churches do not know what discipleship is all about and do not prioritise it enough. 

We help you to do a review of your activities, programs and events and evaluate whether or not those activities help people follow Jesus Christ more closely.

  Below is how we serve you;

In this, we help your church design a discipleship pathway that ensures that every congregant from young to old is effectively discipled in the or through the church.

We help you lay out a plan for how you can strategically work on the spiritual formation of your church members and the community around you. 

In this, we help design practical systems, programs and culture to ensure continued leadership development. A church that does not sharpen its current leaders and raise more leaders will eventually become unhealthy.

In this, we help you develop a small group strategy including how to build the team that leads this function, as well as systems and curriculum that will be ideal and relevant for your congregation and community.

In this, we help you design discipleship plans and action plans for your ministry groups, particularly Children’s Church, Youths and/or Young Adults. 

In this, we help you with content creation and curriculum development for your ministry discipleship programs.

Going Beyond
Doing Church to Becoming the Church

“Succeeding in things that matter.”

As you run to win, know your lane & remember you are not in a competition.

Church strategy is all about applying God’s wisdom (with understanding) to the work of ministry.

We believe strategic plans should be simple. Simple for you to understand and implement because at the end of the day the plan should be implemented.

We bring insight and an understanding of the times to the process of developing the strategy with you and your team.

William Carey is quoted saying “I am not afraid of failure. I am afraid of succeeding in things that don’t matter.”  We want to help you to succeed in things that matter.

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Our Workshops

New Gates hosts public and private workshops where we empower Pastors & Church leaders in several areas such as Church Hospitality, Church Volunteer Training, Digital Discipleship, Church Finance Administration etc. Be on the look out for our public workshops in your region/ city and if you want invite our team to come for a training workshop session at your church.

Other areas that we can serve you in;

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