L&D units are now required to play a strategic role than to be a mere supporting/administrative function.

We are at a time when L&D business partnering has become more critical than ever before. The world is on a constant rollercoaster of change and the use of new technology is taking a center stage therefore impacting our world of work.

In order to navigate the complexities being brought by the rapid change, we are seeing a need for business leaders to drive agile strategies and a demand is being placed on the L&D function for the workforce’s constant reskilling and upskilling.

L&D units are now required to play a strategic role than to be a mere supporting/administrative function.

An L&D practitioner who is serious about transformation has to stop taking “training orders” and start increasing client facing time with business units in order to understand and to respond appropriately to their needs because not every business problem requires a training intervention.

Your relationship with the various business units in your organization should be that of a service provider and client.

Below is a list of crucial roles that the L&D needs to play and some capabilities that he or she needs to display in order to succeed in his or her role:

L&D Practitioner as a Performance Consultant

Capabilities Required:
- Systemic Thinking
- Stakeholder Engagement
- Relationship Management
- Business Acumen
- Negotiation skills
- Consultative Selling

L&D as a Sales Person

Capabilities Required:
- Product Knowledge
- Negotiation skills
- Consultative Selling

L&D as a Culture Architect

Capabilities Required:
- Facilitating social and collaborative learning,
- Facilitating enabling learning in the flow of work
- Change Management
 L&D as a Digital Practitioner
Capabilities Required:
- Virtual Classroom delivery,
- Digital content development
- Learning Analytics

L&D as Brand Managers

Capabilities Required:
- Marketing 
- Communication
- Quality Assurance

Are you ready to make your L&D function a strategic business partner to all your business units? Register for the in-house L&D as a Business Partner 2 day course, which can be delivered for your L&D team.                                                Contact one of our consultants today.

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